Cookie Stuffing Scripts - Is it the New Trend?

Published: 18th August 2009
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There is a moral dilema, because cookie stuffers make a "lot" of money however they are not "earning" this revenue, they are getting money for doing nothing. They may even be taking sales from legitimate people promoting campaigns legitimately.

The thing is, there's no real defined laws regarding this practice and the technique can be used in many legitimate ways. So things are in limbo, people do it, it's not illegal and it can be used in an immoral manner.

Now days people are using Cookie Stuffing Scripts to add images to forums, blogs and Web 2.0 sites in order to earn revenue from affiliate sales and companies. This can also be done with flash objects and not just images, with flash all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and even Google Chrome can be cookie stuffed.

The other thing with flash is the referring site can be spoofed or faked making it appear to the affiliate company the sale was generated on a legitimate site, when in fact the visitor was "stuffed" on a site that the affiliate company would not approve of. However with just image stuffing, the referrer is "blanked" and only the Explorer browser is vulnerable.

This makes cookie stuffing scripts virtually undetectable. How can affiliate companies detect someone is cookie stuffing when they don't even know where the activity is taking place?

They don't know, they can only guess.

With modern cookie stuffers you do not need to know anything about Flash to use this feature, when you upload a regular image with the scripts image uploader such as a forum smiley it automatically becomes available as regular image code as well as Flash code that you just Copy/Paste. If you can upload an image to somewhere like ImageShack, TinyPic, PhotoBucket and paste the output code in to a forum post or web page then you can cookie stuff.

So as i mentioned before, it can be used in less than savoury ways so i suggesst you read more about it, invest in a good reliable script and employ the technique in a manner that suits you.

The learn more, check out our page on Cookie Stuffing to inform yourself what is "really" happening in internet business marketing.

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